About us

After years of working to rebuild neighborhoods, Teri saw that while her work was successful, it did little to get to the root of social problems.

Teri’s journey to get to the root of her both her own and wider community challenges eventually led her to share a deeper more impactful way of working.  She founded HIGOL — High Impact Growth Oriented Leaders, to share this way with others.

We help CEOs grow revenue and impact communities.

Teri Beckman

Founder and CEO of HIGOL

As an Executive Director, Project Manager, Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Teri has spent the last thirty years focused on integrating mission driven goals and revenue generation .  Though results were outstanding, success felt hollow.

Teri sought out another way to be in relationship to work.  She found Skillful Means, developed by Tarthang Tulku, a Tibetan Lama who after forty years in the U.S., has a keen understanding of how to help Western people achieve amazing results with compassion and care.


Skillful Means invites us to:

  • Live to the full extent of our human potential;
  • Reawaken the joy of work as a challenge to learn and grow;
  • Approach work as a creative endeavor.

These principles frame the work of HIGOL.

Britt Trama

Process and Performance Improvement Expert

Brittany is an expert who sees gaps in systems, creates solutions for those gaps, and trains people to use them. She spent ten years in Fortune 500 companies handling business analysis, project management, and database administration.

Paula McCoy

Organizational Development Expert

Paula has over thirty years of experience leading organizations as Executive Director and CEO. She is an expert in helping organizations grow and thrive.  Paula is deeply committed to improving the human condition through community development grounded in compassion and deep knowledge.

Andrew Trump, (no relation!)

Director of Market Analysis

Highly experienced and skilled in community-based real estate development, Andrew’s unique experience, in both real estate development and non-profit program management, enables him to give owners an empowered, honest view of market opportunities.

“Skillful Means methods strengthened our ability to build, recognize, encourage, and engage others to contribute to the overall mission of our organization.”

– Pam Kramer, Executive Director, LISC

We work with CEOs and Executive Directors to grow revenue and impact.

Call us when:

  • Your existing organizational framework does not accommodate new opportunities.
  • Your team has not kept pace with your organization’s growth.
  • Changing external circumstances are causing you to re-think your business model.
  • A new vision for your company is emerging that is not yet fully formulated.
  • You need help figuring out the feasibility of a community-based real estate opportunity, HIGOL can help.

Rewriting the Rules (A Case Study)

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Ten Steps to Improved Communication at Work

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Essential Elements of Sustainable High Performance

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