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Teri Beckman

Founder and CEO of HIGOL

Teri spent a career developing nonprofit organizations that attracted & secured multiple millions of dollars in financial resources to revitalize neglected communities.

  • Her projects won awards from Fannie Mae, the Federal Home Loan Bank and others. As an entrepreneur she has started multiple successful businesses.
  • Teri could see her biggest successes occurred when her mind grew as fast as her opportunities.
  • HIGOL was born out of these experiences. Teri is committed to providing leaders the tools to unleash both their individual & the organization’s potential, integrating time tested business principles with personal growth.

Meet Our Team

Teri Beckman

Founder and CEO of HIGOL

Charlotte Barnes

Business Manager

Audra Campbell

Executive Assistant

Heather Nunley

Leadership Coach & Talent Management Consultant

Lindsay Brown

Talent Management Expert & Data Wizard

Richard Ammons

Strategic Fundraising & Capital Campaign Consultant

Sharon Papo

Executive Coach, Trainer, and Skilled Fundraiser

Margaret Brunson, PhD

Leadership Expert, Coach & Trainer

Galia Gomez Pennekam

Fundraising & Leadership Consultant

Malenia Swinton

Strategy & Communications Consultant, Marketing Expert

Shereese Floyd

Marketing and Storytelling Expert

Lyle English

Leadership Whisperer & Coach

Julia Reich

Visual & Brand Strategist

Kenyatta Hall, MBA

Business Strategist

Kelly White

Project Manager Extraordinaire

Achille Nangbon

Certified Kolbe Consultant

Andrew Trump

Our Data Guy

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