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Becoming a Leader of My Life with Christine Kane


A view of Raleigh as we take off for Atlanta
A view of Raleigh as we take off for Atlanta

Day 1: Saturday afternoon

My four day journey begins today from seat 17D on a flight from Raleigh, NC  to Atlanta for my third live event with the amazing Christine Kane of Uplevel Your Business.  This event is about growing your business, becoming a leader and everything required to make that happen.

I am excited to see Christine and feel the infectious energy of more than 200 entrepreneurs who will share these four days with me.

There are many reasons to stay at home but somehow Christine seems to perform a special form of business acupuncture on me during these events, this overrides all my reasons for staying home.

She does not touch me except for a big hug, sometimes two.   Still, she re-aligns my energy in a way that feels healthy and I emerge way more focused and excited about my business with tons of great ideas. So why am I sharing this with you?  Three reasons really…

1. I am learning (imperfectly to say the least!) how to blog regularly.  My friend Glad Doggett is helping me, as I am in the middle of her Bee Colony Class.  I thought writing as I actually experience something might be a good experiment – a way to practice being more honest and vulnerable with you.

2. Many of my dear friends and peeps who are my compadres in Christine’s more extended coaching programs cannot be here these 4 days.  I am writing for them as well, wanting them to know they are here with me and us in spirit.

3. Maybe I can share a little of the magic with you too.

Saturday night reception         

A view of the W Hotel from my morning jog in Piedmont Park
A view of the W Hotel from my morning jog in Piedmont Park

It was great to see my friends in the Platinum and Gold mastermind groups and meet new people too.   It is wonderful to both give and receive support and energy from like-minded entrepreneurs and a joy to be counted among  them.   We are staying at the elegant W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta.

Day 2: Sunday – First day of the event…

The theme for this event is “I’m In!”  – .  What does this mean? 

“Just by changing our attitude – going directly into our work – we find the joy of performing our tasks with excellence, of working without internal obstructions.  Even when we are tired, we find that we can open up new sources of energy.  In fact, we can find renewed vitality by using our energy consistently.  We all have this abundant energy; we simply need to learn to use it well.”  Skillful Means   

Christine reminds me of this, re-directs me into the experience of full participation.    

A few truths she shared from today and a few Teri thoughts in red:

#1 There is unlimited income in your business – you only need to find ways to add more value.

#2  I am at cause in my business.  What is in your mind gets reflected in your results.  The quality of your thoughts (negative, positive, neutral) reflects your results.  Uh Huh.

#3  Every challenge contains the raw material for your highest level solutions.  Set your intentions for what you want and an answer comes as an opportunity presenting as a big ol’ challenge.  The solution, the manifestation of your intention is in the challenge.  Honestly, this is really intense, (so is #2!).  It means instead of dreading every daily challenge, I have to recognize it is how I will manifest my intentions.  My mind is ever so quick to say:  “Holy crap, this is totally getting in my way….this is impossible!  Whose fault is this anyway?  I can’t stand this anymore!”  This is a total turn around.  My take away to share: WATCH YOUR MIND.

#4 Knowing your ideal client or customer and knowing how to talk with them changes everything. 

“When we truly communicate, we open channels of love and caring, inspiring openness in one another, and awakening a deep appreciation of the joy and meaning in life.  In whatever we are trying to communicate, our genuine caring is always part of the message, true communication creates one heart, one mind, uniting us in a common bond of friendship and mutual understanding. Skillful Means

From this place sales and communication with our ideal clients or customers or whoever our prospects are, whoever funds us or our organizations, becomes the highest form of service.

#5 You are creating a NEW economy with your business.  That’s what we are doing.  What are you actively doing in your business?  Stop waiting. Period.

#6 Selling is service.  You are doing a disservice to people when you don’t follow up, hold them to something larger, give them an opportunity to invest in their results, to invest in growing as a person. I get it.

Inconsistent marketing brings inconsistent results!!  So simple, stay with what is simple and true.

It is so easy to get on the hamster wheel, lose complete track of what we are really doing.  This starts to feel ‘normal’ – a very dangerous place where we lose awareness, get lost, the spiral down is quickly on the way. 

These truths are universal, they apply to organizations of all sizes and shapes and individuals of all stripes. What is your experience with these truths?  Please share below!

Stayed tuned… I will share more about learning to become a leader of my life.

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