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Creating a New Website


crooked path

Following a path that has not always seemed smooth or straight forward, I took a scary step tonight.   I announced all over Facebook and through an email that will go out tomorrow, my new website is launched.  You know, because you are here.  I have about 400 people on my list from my many different activities including my Skillful Means clients, but also my massage therapy clients and Kum Nye yoga students.

If you are one of those people, I hope you will find something you love here.  Skillful Means embodies all that is healing and wholesome in the world, while at the same time helping people find deep value and satisfaction in their work.  It is a place to explore transforming stress, to learn to communicate better, to learn to work with others more easily and love all of your activities in life – most especially to love and appreciate work.  I am so excited to explore these things with you.

I wish to thank Arnaud Maitland and the Center for Skillful Means, from where much of my inspiration flows, for supporting me in this endeavor.

This website and blog  is a place where we can engage as a community and I hope you will feel comfortable commenting and sharing with others, even if you have never done this before.

 I have a beautiful gift for you as I launch the site

– a re-written and much improved  e-book, newly minted:

10 Steps You Need to 

  • Transform Stress, 

  • Dissolve Conflict, 

  • Communicate Effectively and 

Implement Your Vision.

Please request your copy, it just takes a few clicks at the top of the right column and you will have instant access.  It is my sincere gift to for being here.    Take 20 minutes, close your door, and read.  My deepest wish is you will find it incredibly helpful, whatever circumstance you face.  Thanks for joining my little launch party!

I would love to hear from you…. please share what is great on this site?  What needs improvement or clarifying?

Also,  What have you stepped into and done in the new year that was maybe a little scary?  Share with us so we can be inspired by you in this new awesome year!

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