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Holiday Pause


Silence.  The gift of silence.  The gift of beauty, of color, of texture.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, stop, give yourself these gifts now.

Can you sense these things?

Allow the senses to open and recognize the beauty that immediately surrounds you.

Can you see it clearly?

Can you feel it?

End of year.  Winter in the northern hemisphere.  Time to go in.

No expectations.

If people are bugging the *_!x!x out of you, know you are enough just as you are.

Even if everything feels like it is falling apart, there is a part of you, deep inside, that is more than enough.

Go to that place, deep inside, that is quiet, that knows you are indeed enough, way more than enough, in fact brilliant and light-filled.

If you are thoroughly enjoying yourself and appreciating others, or even one person, let your mind sink down into that and wish it for others everywhere.  Enjoy even more.

Give yourself the space to slow down enough to ‘be’.

Appreciate all that you are and all that surrounds you.




In one small moment.  It is yours, now.

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