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Honeygirl Meadery Comes to Life

Diane Currier and Teri Beckman
Diane Currier, Owner of Honeygirl Meadery and me a week before the opening. She is one of my Skillful Means business heroes!

Honeygirl Meadery is opening this Friday, October 24th.

I can remember when Diane Currier, owner and proprietor, participated in a Skillful Means workshop several years ago actively creating her vision and path to bring the meadery into the world.

She was so clear and excited about the opportunity to integrate her love of nature into a wonderful drink for many to enjoy.

Diane sees her mead as an opportunity for people to actually drink nature—a way to come into closer contact with the beauty of the seasons that surround us.

blueberry mead box
Boxes of Blueberry Mead ready to go

She picked the strawberries and blueberries people will be drinking in her mead at her celebration Friday night. She is aware of where the honey in her mead comes from—not just the region, but the specific flowers and even the season!

Nothing brings her more joy than to bring nature to people in this unique and delicious way.

Along with the joy of building Honeygirl Meadery, Diane has had challenges. She is after all, creating alcohol, one of the most highly regulated consumer products you can sell. The government has a lot more to say about her operation than most businesses. Getting licensed to sell alcohol took a lot of patience and long tedious applications.

The extra time it took also gave Diane the chance to develop a beautiful website, beautiful labels and a wonderful, clean, vibrant space to make her drink, all so fitting of her vision to bring the beauty of nature into our everyday experience. (I do mean beautiful – click here to see more.)

When you dare to bring your heart into your vision and combine this with knowing your own strengths, building on them, learning how to effectively communicate what you offer, and cooperatively working with your team—you become unstoppable.

bottling team
The bottling and packaging team is ready for the opening.

Something magical happens and the combination of strength and clarity propels you forward, even when facing the biggest of challenges.

What about you?

Is there something in your heart, some deep appreciation and love you want to bring into your work?

Know this.—It is possible. It is possible to love your work.

It is possible to create a thriving business based on your passion. It is possible to work with terrific clients, customers and supporters of all kinds, to have plenty of them, to create a more thriving organization.

There is a path to create this. We call it Skillful Means. Reach out.

Whether you operate a company or you are starting a business, let’s have a conversation about your first step, your next step.

BIG congratulations to Diane. If you are local, join Diane in her celebration this Friday, 6 to 9 pm in Durham. Let’s make a toast to a heart-felt vision come true!

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