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How Great Businesses Get Stuck


what now compressedMartha is a talented architect with her own practice and a small team of employees. Many say she is the most creative, innovative person they have ever met.

Still she had a sense her business was stuck, overtaken by a kind of semi-controlled chaos.

Sometimes Martha would take a big risk to move forward and grow, but then a crisis would strike and the business contracted again, leaving her business and balance sheet tattered.

In the back of her mind, the continuous mantra was ‘Where is the next client?’ This feeling of never having enough, always needing more drove her and her business to big highs and big lows.

At times Martha was exhausted, acted out of fear, often leading to subpar results (the wrong partners, the wrong employees, the wrong clients).

This way of working became a repeating and familiar pattern in her mind and business. It was her ‘default’ way of operating.

As frustrating as the results were, this pattern held a certain level of comfort for Martha, so it was very easy to repeat, simply because it was so familiar.

This is where people and businesses get stuck!  We repeat patterns that hurt business, but are so hard to ‘get out of’.  Our minds and body’s are not familiar with another way, even if we ‘theoretically’ know we want to be different.

Even with these challenges Martha loved her business and wanted more than anything to make it sustainable.

Last year she was the first to sign up for Training the Mind for Leadership – Know Your Mind Transform You Business.

Right away, something began to shift.  The training and coaching helped Martha engage more fully with her business. As she wholeheartedly engaged in the suggested practices, the ‘poverty mentality’ and the tendency to ‘fight to get clients’ began to relax.

Martha began watching and listening to her clients…really listening, without grasping at or pushing away what she heard even when it was hard to hear.

She saw their needs more clearly and how she was not fully meeting them.

What happened next was kind of magical and very natural.

  • She began to organize her resources to meet her clients’ needs. She developed new products and news ways to engage them.
  • She took things less personally.
  • Martha developed a clearer vision for what her company could be. Sharing this vision with her staff, they too engaged the work in a new way.

Something clicked.

Her old clients got excited about new opportunities to work with her and new clients were attracted to these innovative products as well.

Her business entered a new phase of both increased stability and dynamism.

Martha saw that building a business based on ‘chasing clients’ was not necessary and it was a disservice to her and her clients.

You too can escape the ‘poverty mentality’ and its negative impact on your work and begin to unleash the greater potential of your mind and business.

Join us for Training the Mind for Leadership, Know Your Mind – Transform Your Business.

This training will only be offered once this year – so this is your time!  We begin the week of February 3rd.

Imagine yourself in four months having cultivated the states of mind required to be successful and more confident.

Make 2014 your year and take your business to a new level. Click here to learn more and register.

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