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Know Your Mind – Transform Your Business


Creating a clear path compressedDon’t for one moment under-estimate the power of your mind to transform your business.  Our minds operate in a basic, yet deeply powerful way.

If the mind is clear – we are happy.  
If the mind is polluted – we suffer.  

Our external circumstances reflect the state of our minds.  This is very true of our business life.

Clear Mind = Business Success

What is clear?

New Webster’s Dictionary defines clear as ‘free from darkness, cloudiness, muddiness, indistinctness, confusion, uncertainty, obstruction, entanglement, obligation or liability’.

These qualities pollute the mind, and their absence creates clarity.

When the mind is polluted, you do not see things clearly.

You don’t sleep at night.  You worry.  You break into a sweat. Negativity, fear and a quality of ‘judging everything’ dominates the mind.

You get so used to it, you don’t even notice after a while.

You create more obstacles for yourself.  You are  reactive to your circumstances.  You get to a place where you no longer take responsibility for what you are creating.   Blaming others is a consistent pattern.

With an unclear mind, you can make a total mess of your business life, your relationships with clients and potential clients, your team, and your family.  If it gets bad enough, you may leave the job or relationship, close the business down.

Is it possible to stop running from these repeating patterns and create a clear mind?

Skillful Means identifies certain states of mind which cause the mind to become clear.

With attention, these states of mind can be developed because they are already within you.  Though you may have lost access to them temporarily, you can develop them, bring them to life, and access them whenever you need them.

Imagine having a clear mind to make your most critical business decisions.  What if you could clearly see how to make your business prosper, increase revenue, overcome  obstacles, pursue opportunities, know exactly who to hire next, know which person or company to partner with and  how, see your next best step to move toward your stated goals?

Training the Mind for Leadership – Know Your Mind, Transform Your Business, a 10 week training starting in September, will give give entrepreneurs, business and non-profit leaders the opportunity to develop 5 specific critical states of mind needed to make clear decisions, create momentum and improve business results.  Those 5 critical states of mind are:

    1. Flourishing Mind. You develop unshakeable confidence.  It counteracts the poverty mentality, the fear that there will never be enough. You begin to see opportunities right in front of you that were somehow hidden from view.  Your desired business results come quickly.
    1. Relaxing Mind.  You gain you the freedom to act.  You begin to break out of the two or three habitual states of mind you spend so much time in, whatever they are, however they developed.  With a flexible, relaxed mind, you take effective appropriate action in a dynamic changing business environment.
    1. Disciplining Mind.  You create more opportunities.  Setting your own standards and targets aligned with time becomes natural, creating the conditions for success.  Your next best steps become much clearer.  The mind becomes more positive as your actions align to bring your desired results.
    1. Concentrating Mind.  You measurably improve desired business results.  Your energy, intelligence and sensitivity become more focused, even in chaotic circumstances.  You respond effectively to challenges.  An all-inclusive awareness develops that is both sensitive and sharp.  You are becoming a leader.
    1. Timing Mind. You release your true potential through your business.  You engage directly in the dynamic of time, as yours and others’ actions begin to have an uncanny synchronicity that seems natural.  You fully embrace the power of deadlines.  This mind has an intimate relationship with the energy, power, and intelligence of time.  You will accomplish more than you could ever imagine.

Training and developing your mind in a positive way is critical to bridging the gap between your current circumstances and developing the full potential of your work, your team, your organization.

As you begin to develop your mind in this way, you are no longer a victim of your circumstance, or the facts of your business.  You acknowledge them, but you are not defined by them.  You no longer accept ‘this will do’ or ‘I can get by with this’ because step by step, you are leading your mind, your life, your team and organization toward their full positive potential.  Skillful Means calls the act of moving toward clarity and your full positive potential ‘leadership’.

The qualities of mind you need to operate a successful business, to lead a team to victory are accessible within you NOW.  They only need to be cultivated and expressed –in your daily intentions, actions and work.  Skillful Means can provide the structure you need to do this.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or non-profit leader, consider this an open invitation to join us this September and learn specific ways to connect to, develop and cultivate these five critical states of mind and apply them to your most pressing business issues.  Given its special nature, the program is by application only.  Click here to request more information and details.

Tell me now, which of the 5 states of mind that clarify your mind and transform your business interest you the most and why?  Which would you love to learn more about?  Please share below.

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