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My Writing Process Blog Tour


hummingbirdI am happy to join a whole group of talented writers on a blogging tour sharing something about their writing process.

Sara Arey passed the torch to me. She is a powerful mindset coach for entrepreneurs.  Check out her amazing work here.

What am I working on – I am excited about a couple of new projects.  I have just launched a free Skillful Means Productivity Tool Kit for my subscribers who recently completed a short survey.  (You can get it too – go here.)  It gives us a chance to work together over three weeks.  I am curious if the sustained support will help people try out some new ways of working that will create big positive jumps in productivity as well as joy in their work. (Yup, they can go together quite well.)

Second, I am putting the finishing touches on my system for working with leaders in established organizations that still have an entrepreneurial edge, or want to get one back.   It is called “Five Steps to Creating an Unstoppable Team.”  This system helps leaders create entrepreneurial responsive organizations that are inherently innovative, creative and cooperative.  

How does my work differ from others of its genre?  Someone once asked the  Buddha – ‘As a lay person working in the world, not a monk or nun, how do we become enlightened?’Buddha’s answer was Skillful Means. 

Trained in Buddhist psychology and Skillful Means, I not only work with strategy but with the energetic dynamic of a business that often that gets reflected in its culture and has huge effect on business success.   When energetic patterns are freed and open, effective business strategies become much easier to implement and suddenly individuals and teams become more efficient, productive and effective.

Ideally when I work with clients I am not offering advice, but rather helping them create the structures and space to free energy, dissolve blockages uncovering the solutions to their own problems and challenges, and  rediscover the true joy and purpose inherent in their business and work. 

I am happy to report that most of the time  it’s successful!  When this beautiful process unfolds, solutions tend to get to the root of problems, so they do not reappear.  The business and the people involved can then grow to the next level.

Why do I write what I do? I have consistently written my blog for over a year now and have really enjoyed it.  It has been a way to build a relationship with my subscribers.  It has helped frame difficult subjects about work and business in a way that people are empowered 1) to be honest and more aware of patterns that create problems; 2) to choose new actions to improve results and 3) to share what they have learned.  My goal is always to inspire people to grow, learn and enjoy their work, whatever their field.  

My writing also prepares my clients for their work with me.  New clients who have been subscribers often experience success more quickly, as we already have a common language and shared desire to improve things at work and in business. 

How does my writing process work? I would say in fits and starts!  My Dad was a journalist and my sister and nephew are amazing poets, so I guess writing is in my genes, but it is not so easy for me.   Often I start with an idea, but it is somehow bigger than ‘me’ and must go through a birthing process.  My first draft is always a ‘crappy first draft’.  I just have to ‘get it out.’  Then I go back and work it and re-work it.   It takes some real time.  Often a few days of work pass before I am happy with the post.  Often I will then share it with my editor, Melanie Mitchell .  She always makes it better, but also leaves my voice completely intact.  Usually then I see how I can really improve it; her edits seem to help me deepen my voice.  Then it is ready. 

I have to thank Glad Doggett and her B-Colony for helping me realize the joys and benefits of blogging.  Now onto the next blogger.


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