All of my CEO and Executive Director clients want more engagement from their board of directors.  This starts with building a stronger relationship between the CEO and the the board.  Why?  Because relationships, especially this relationship, is the building block for EVERYTHING.

When CEOs take time to strengthen this relationship, the stronger the organizational performance.  This is important because it translates to more funding and greater the community impact.

Part of building stronger relationships and engagement is looking at how board meetings are organized.  A recent informal HIGOL survey found the #1 desire of board members is to impact the mission of the organization.    

Are your meetings set up to help board members recognize their mission impact and more deeply engage?   (I am not talking about sifting through stacks of reports or listening to you summarize them! 🙂 )

At an Executive Round Table last month, we dove into the topic of ‘impact moments’ at board meetings. Everyone wanted to know how to maximize their meaning and effectiveness.

If done well, they can open the door to more meaningful discussions about strategy and impact.  Board members naturally move to truly share their knowledge, connections and expertise, because they are finally connected in a more authentic way.

Check out the video below.

As a board member or Executive Director/CEO, would like to join a live discussion on increasing board engagement?  Let me know.

We are planning another Round Table on this critical topic in January and will be sure to include you in the invitation.