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Tap Into the Power of Time


In the last two weeks I have seen my relationship to time vary greatly.

Over these two weeks I have ignored, wasted, bemoaned, and celebrated time.

I looked at my calendar and saw a week with some wide open spaces , which is unusual for me.  I was excited by this and yet, it was difficult for me to structure that space for myself.

Without the demands of clients, family, and others asking me to ‘do things’ I couldn’t seem to take responsibility for this time in a way that really helped me.

While I can and do use time productively for my own needs, last week, I could not harness the power of those big beautiful blocks of open time for my own benefit.  So honestly, I wasted a lot of time, as is evidenced by the lateness of this post!

What woke me up was looking at my calendar for October, which includes traveling every single week.   Plane travel  is tiring.  It is relentless.  It takes up big amounts of time.  Suddenly I realized, I did not have much time to get done what I need to accomplish.  It was like a switch went off.

I started to focus with much more clarity on the many things I wanted to accomplish within the time frames I want to make them happen.  When I stopped essentially ignoring and resisting time, I felt so much more alive and myself.  Suddenly there is enough time, not too much, not too little, and enough time for everything.  Time for work, time for family, time for self-care, time for love.   Could time be love?

We each choose how we spend our time, consciously, or not.  Could it be an essential expression of our love?  I want to explore this.

When I am more aware of time, when I feel its pulse, so much gets accomplished, things feel like they are doing themselves, there is more momentum, less resistance and an increasingly connection to timing, flow and others.  I am awake, riding a wave, dynamic, live.  This makes me happy.

I am challenged not to fall back into old habits of not being in time with time.

I smile as I acknowledge my challenges with time.

I have been asked to assist Arnaud Maitland of Dharma Publishing with a five-day seminar on the Power of Time later this month in Amsterdam.  There are not many people better qualified to teach this than Arnaud.  We are very lucky to have him as our guide on this journey to master the Power of Time.

I am honored to be doing this and—better still, YOU can join me in Amsterdam.

If you can’t physically join me, you can join me online October 20th to 25th.

This live international webinar will convene over five days, four hours a day.  This will be deep work discovering the true power of time.  There is even an option to become an official trainer of this material.

Time is everything.  If we could really learn how to master time, we would have far fewer challenges and create magic for ourselves and for others in our lives and in the world.  Click here to learn more.

The video message below from Arnaud will give you a taste of this work.

If you enjoy what you see,  please join us!

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