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Want to Increase Revenue?


I never cease to be amazed by the fundamental desire in human beings to grow.

Growth looks different for each of us, but somehow we always desire to make things better and this means growth, change from where we are to where we desire to be.

With this in mind, I observe that all of my clients are interested in increasing revenue.

Whether they are entrepreneurs, executives in nonprofit organizations, or mid-sized for-profit companies, I can’t think of one that is not interested in increasing revenue.

Increasing revenue means growth. 

Revenue growth equates to financial growth, but it almost always requires full-on personal growth as well.

From my experience I can share that big jumps in revenue require you to do things you have never done before.

And that is indeed uncomfortable!

To grow, we have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because growth requires changing.

Inner voices ask: “Who am I to have goals this big?”  “Whom will I become if I do the things required to create greater revenue?”

The answer in part is that you have a vision for where you want your company or organization to go, even if it is not fully articulated in your own mind yet.

Your vision likely involves impacting your world in a way that is meaningful and important.  That is who you are and who you are becoming.

Becoming aware of specific things helps us to grow.

  • Who are the leaders in revenue generation in your industry?
  • What is the biggest source of revenue in your industry’s niche?

In the nonprofit world, nonprofit religious organizations secure one-third of all charitable giving.  Individuals make 72% of all charitable gifts.

This is important base line information.  Next, know the context you are in and how the money flows in your particular industry.

  • If you are interested in increased revenue generation, what do you do every week, every day to move towards it? Are your daily habits working?  (Note: Why are religious organizations are so successful?  Hint: They ask – often!)
  • Do you know what works for others in your industry?
  • What are their methods and habits?

It can be very helpful to take a step back and objectively look at your particular habits around revenue generation. And, as we can be too close to see our own habits, often, an independent person, mentor or coach is best positioned to help with this.

My business coach challenged me to reach out to three prospective clients in some way every day.  This alone was a great habit to build both my network and my confidence.

Once you begin to generate more revenue, do you just bank it and move on, or are there ways say thank you and share recognition? Are they built into your systems?

Whether through fees-for-service, donations, or other sales, once the revenue comes, how are you systematically building relationships with that person or organization?

Are you clear about what you want to accomplish in the next twelve months and why?

Knowing this and communicating it helps people buy from you or give to your organization.

How do you talk about the story of the results you produce?

Why should people buy or give to you?

Even the most competent person is limited on what they can accomplish.  Are you building a team that can execute on increased business and programming? If not, this is a big growth limiter.

Last month I attended a training “Fund-raising in Weird Times” led by Kim Klein at the annual conference of the NC Center for Nonprofits

Kim laid out a map for nonprofit leaders looking to systematize fundraising campaigns targeted to individual donors.

Click here to download my notes from that training.

Click here to get a copy of her book that goes into much more detail – Fundraising for Social Change.

Though the sources, opportunities and relationships look different, the principles of revenue generation are the same for all types of organizations.

As leaders, we must stretch ourselves and build confidence that our cause, our service, our product is more than worthy of this effort.

Be outwardly focused on getting the support you need to build your momentum.  Keep learning.

Want to increase revenue?  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Would you like to get started?

Click here and let’s find a time to explore are your best  opportunities for growth.

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