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What I learned on my summer vacation in Colorado


Sometimes a break from business is truly the best prescription to transform stress, widen awareness and gain perspective.  I could not fully unplug due to unforeseen problems with a project, but I still found it so worth while to get away.  Here are some simple lessons I learned from a recent break.

  • The views from Denver to Grand Junction aboard Amtrak are stupendous!
Amtrak coming around the bend of the Colorado River
View from Amtrak rounding the Colorado River
  • Waking up to sunshine, blue sky, and fresh Colorado air is awe-inspiring. Nothing fancy required to experience this glorious environment.

Colorado mountains
So many beautiful views
  • Big daily movements are very good for me, indispensable for a balanced body, mind and breath.


  • Having my team plugging away at business while I am gone works…until it doesn’t.
Hiking around Telluride
  • Days filled with nothing but fun are very relaxing.


  • Cracks on your laptop screen make life harder.


  • Family is important. Moments with them go fast.
little boys
Sweetest boys in the world
  • Working from 10 pm to midnight is too tiring.


  • Colorado water makes hair and skin softer.


  • I don’t take enough pictures.


  • Drinking a lot of water in the high desert equals energy; so do boys under the age of twelve.


  • There is nothing better than homemade Italian food made by Italians!


  • We deeply miss the ones who have gone before us.


  • I want to be generous and kind…always.


  • Life is short. I want to enjoy it more!

Hope you are enjoying your summer and all that it brings…

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