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What is Your Vision?


The greatest accomplishments in life are often born out of a vision that reflects of a seed, a person’s core reason for being. 

Such a seed resides in you.  Do you know your seed?

A vision, that is, a picture of the future reflecting what you are meant to bring into the world, develops from the seed.  Inc. Magazine just published a wonderful post called Vision is Greater than Sight.  Indeed.

Work is often our way of expressing this seed and vision, of creating and contributing something unique and important.

Leadership is taking responsibility for your seed and vision.

This requires training your mind in the positive patterns and practices required to support your seed and vision unfolding.  Without training and a discipline the mind wanders…off course.

Without intentionally training the mind, the most important vision can be derailed or take alot longer than necessary.  Without proper care the mind easily wanders getting sidetracked.

These distracting places are a little different for everyone.  What do they look like for you?  Petty disagreements? Jealousy?  Miscommunication?  Daydreaming?  Facebook?  Sometimes just the hard events of life we all experience can derail us. The vision goes on hold or takes much longer than necessary to bring to fruition.

The clock keeps ticking.

When we get to the end of our life, will we be able to say it was a life well-lived?  Did we accomplish what we came to do?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a non-profit/NGO leader or business owner you have a unique opportunity to train your mind for leadership in 2014, tremendously benefiting yourself and your organization.

What does it take?

1) A road map to know upon what, how and when to focus;

2) A structure to help you stay organized, practicing and taking action;

3)  A community to support you when things get hard and to help you celebrate as your work and business improves.

Welcome to Training the Mind for Leadership – Know Your Mind, Transform Your Busines.

Because this is so critical for business leaders today, we are opening up spots in a new group program now beginning February 3rd.

It includes training, coaching and powerful systematized tools to apply the trainings to your day to day work all at price that make training easy to invest in.

Over the next four months, participants will have the opportunity to systematically engage in the five critical mind trainings that will support getting the best results possible at work, as a new vision begins to come into the world.

Are you ready to learn more?  Click here.

This is the time to get serious about your vision for your business and be leader you know you can be.

So share below if you will, what is your vision for 2014?  Let’s encourage each other.

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