We host quarterly Executive Forums for Nonprofit CEOs

Capacity building program supports nonprofit organizations in exceeding year end fundraising goals by 10 – 50%. Organizations are growing endowed assets at the Foundation.

Case Study


Foundation Executive Director and Board of young community foundation want to increase capacity of critical local nonprofit organizations as well as grow endowed funds at the foundation. 

Proven Solution:

Developed a customized 9-month leadership and capacity building program tailored to the needs of Alamance County nonprofit organizations. 

Results So Far:

All participating organizations exceeded year-end fundraising goals by more than 10%. Three months into the program two new endowment gifts were made. Executive Directors are more confident and intentionally developing productive, generative relationships with their board and donors. 

“Being part of this program has shifted the way I am showing up in board meetings. They have become active in fundraising and we have a new gift to our endowment. My energy has shifted. I no longer feel isolated. I am so excited about the work and our potential for growth and impact.”
- Leslie Garvin, Executive Director, North Carolina Campus Engagement
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