We host quarterly Executive Forums for Nonprofit CEOs

Small foundation investment generates over $6 million in new funding for critical community initiatives across 5 organizations in 4 months.

Case Study


Community-based nonprofits organizations plateaued in performance, revenue generation
and community impact in the face of critical community challenges. 

Proven Solution:

Developed and led an experiential high-touch leadership development cohort model to
engage high potential Executive Directors for four months exposing them to training and
coaching they would otherwise never afford or be able to access. 


Clarified vision and messaging and strengthened leadership skills to enable leaders to
attract over $6 million in new funding in 4 months. 

“This experience helped me shift from only focusing on operations to strategy. It has given me the fuel to think more broadly about the Family Justice Center and how we can have a much bigger impact on domestic violence across the County, addressing its root causes.”
- Catherine Johnson, Director, Guilford County Family Justice Center
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