We host quarterly Executive Forums for Nonprofit CEOs

New Executive Director of a research start-up unifies efforts and focus staff and board, doubling revenue in 3 years and increasing donors by 30%.

Case Study


New organization and new Executive Director in an emerging research field had one donor, a board that did not understand its role and a small team where egos dominated. 

Proven Solution:

Using HIGOL’s proprietary CEO Executive Coaching model and engaging in training for the board and team, the organization developed a powerful future vision from which they aligned all work, clarified roles and responsibilities, attracted new donors and increased revenue.


Conflict significantly declined and revenues increased from $1.9 to $4.8 million in a twelve-month period.  Grants for groundbreaking research grew from $800K to over $2 Million as the development of new male reproductive options  accelerated.

“HIGOL’s natural leadership and mentoring skills are a base asset for anyone with whom they work. However, the depth and breadth of knowledge around business philosophy & practice allowed us to develop bespoke strategies to achieve our best outcomes.”
- Heather Vahdat, Executive Director, MCI
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