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Triangle Land Conservancy engages in Strategic Action Planning that Doubles the Pace of Their Conservation and Grows Revenue by 300% over five years.

Case Study


The Executive Director was getting push back from the team and board for important new initiatives that did not fit into the existing Strategic Plan.

Proven Solution:

Executive Director engaged HIGOL to lead organization through its proprietary strategic action planning process, giving team members and the board an opportunity to objectively look at a changed environment and the new opportunities it’s presented.


Clarity of purpose and objectives resulted in 18% growth in donors, tripled productivity in conserving land, 100% increase in use of preserves and 300% growth of operating revenue in 5 years.  They are now in the silent phase of a $50 million comprehensive campaign based on the Strategic Plan.

“We could not have reached these new heights without the expert guidance of Teri and her team.”
- Sandy Sweitzer,
Executive Director, TLC
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