Executive Director’s COVID Pivot 30 Day Accelerator

Nonprofit leaders are facing extraordinary circumstances in this global pandemic.

Teams are fragmented and frightened.

Budgets, program activities and fundraising plans have been turned on their heads.

There is no more ‘business as usual‘.

The board and staff are looking to you for answers. 

Imagine your organization:

  • emerging from this crisis stronger than you started,
  • your team and board truly on the same page
  • your organization moving forward with a business model that allows it to thrive regardless of how long the virus remains.

 NOW is the time to create this reality for yourself and your organization.

Please join us for the Executive Director’s COVID Pivot 30-Day Accelerator. 

Join just three other leaders to work together over the next thirty days and ensure you have a sustainable organization that will not only be here at the end of 2020 but thriving, ready for the next chapter.

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping leading edge nonprofit leaders see opportunity and make the pivots in their business models to create true sustainability. 

It is no longer a luxury.  It is imperative.  


Gain the strategies, tools, and support to generate the funds you need now to both survive and thrive NOW and after the virus. 

Assess exactly where you need to make a pivot now to ensure your organization’s sustainability.  We will meet weekly over thirty days guiding and supporting you as you complete your plan.

Surround yourself with a small group of passionate nonprofit leaders (revenues of $5 million or less) who are on the same journey as you.

Who is it for?

Executive Directors who want:


To take charge of their organization’s short and medium term response to the pandemic. 


To clearly prioritize steps to enable strong revenue and meaningful community impact in these COVID times.


A clear plan of action they can immediately begin to implement.


A venue to ask for support, receive it, and take action.


“Strategic thinking time”  critically needed to ensure organizational viability.


To connect with and learn from peers developing a strong support network.

Apply Now!

The Accelerator will give you the structure and support you need to  build your plan. 

Ensure your organization’s sustainability in these very uncertain times. 

The Accelerator is limited to 4 participants.  We will meet for a two hours every week for one month.  

A team or board member is welcome to join you.

We start 9 to 11 am on Friday May 15th and meet Thursdays May 21, May 28, June 4 and June11.


The Investment for the COVID Pivot Growth Accelerator Program is $1,500.

Here’s what you can expect

Week 1

Assess Your Business Model in the Time of COVID
  • If some form of social distancing remains for the next one to two years, what is the impact to your current business model?
  • Recognize the opportunities being created for your organization by daily shifts in the environment.
  • What is your best pivot to maintain revenue and impact?
  • Develop strategies to eliminate or transform conditions that will keep you from achieving financial and program impact goals.

Week 2

Operational Sustainability
  • We begin to build out your pivot strategy.
  • As you shift your business model, intentionally match your people resources to your plan.  Are the right people in the right positions? Do they have the resources they need?
  • Assess how you can improve strategic use of time: yours and the teams
  • Flexible and affordable human & technology resources to extend your capacity. (W-2 employees are not always the answer!)

Week 3

Working with Your Board on the Pivot
  • Continue to build out your unique pivot strategy.
  • The Road to a COVID Savvy Board
    • Engaging the board in the COVID pivot.  Where to start and how to continue.
    • Flexible meeting strategies
    • How do Board Subcommittees pivot and gain effectiveness?
  • Strategic Financial Oversite in the time of COVID: Critical role of financial projections.

Week 4

Financial Health - How to get healthy and stay there.
  • Identify your biggest financial vulnerabilities and address these intentionally in your pivot plan.
  • Cash Management:  What to be looking for, the types of reports to request.
  • Best pratices for extending cash.
  • Key ratios & burn rates to watch.
  • Enrollng to donors, funders, lenders and landlords in your pivot.
  • The best way to use your financial team now.

“Teri and her team challenged us to become a stronger leaders.  We manage more effectively, better concentrate, prioritize and work together!”

– Ashley Thomas, Bridge II Sports

“HIGOL helped me connect the vision to the nuts and bolts of how to achieve it.”

– Reid Wilson, Former Executive Director, CTNC

“Because of our work with HIGOL , the Board is inspired and better understands the organization.  The staff feels heard and recognized.  Each understands their role in accelerating conservation in the Triangle.”

– Sandy Swietzer, Triangle Land Conservancy

“Thank YOU for your excellent facilitation and guidance at this critical time in our growth trajectory.”

– Heather Vahdat, Executive Director, Male Contraceptive Initiative

Apply Now!

Apply now for the COVID Pivot Accelerator and ensure your organization’s health now and into the future.  

The Investment for the Executive Director’s COVID Pivot Accelerator is $1,500.

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