Executive Director’s Growth Accelerator

Launching June 2020

Nonprofit leaders are working harder than ever. In a 2011 survey by Opportunity Knocks, 50% of nonprofit employees were burned out or at serious risk of burnout.

Executive Directors are expected to do anything and everything. You’re the person responsible for running the day-to-day operations, fundraising, developing programs, managing staff and volunteers — and a few 100 other items.

Imagine creating a sustainable organization that recognizes and builds your strengths, fosters retention and enables your organization to SOAR!

That’s why we’ve developed the Executive Director’s Growth Accelerator Pilot.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve been working with or as Executive Directors and CEOs to increase nonprofit revenue and community impact.

In the Executive Director’s Growth Accelerator, you will gain the strategies, tools, and support to finally get off the money chasing merry-go-round and rapidly accelerate the growth of your organization.

It’s organized into 4 modules over 4 months to help you master the skills needed to grow your organization and tackle the issues that you struggle with on a daily basis.

You’ll also be surrounded by a cadre of passionate nonprofit leaders from emerging nonprofit organizations (revenues of $1 million or less) who are on the same journey as you.

Who is it for?

The Executive Director’s Growth Accelerator is for Executive Directors who want to:


Take charge of the growth of their organization.


Develop a strong team.


Understand where their efforts have the most effect and intentionally make decisions around how they spend time.


Create a board they can lean on.


Learn how to ask for help, receive it and take action.


Connect with and learn from peers developing a strong support network along the way.

Apply Now!

The program is over four months.  It could change your life.

Apply now and disembark from the train that leads to burnout.

The Investment for the Executive Director’s Growth Accelerator Pilot Program is $3,300.

Here’s what you can expect

Module 1

Creating Your Vision for the Future
  • Get clarity on your vision for your organization and determine the outcomes that manifest your vision over the next year.
  • What are your current internal and external opportunities to acheive these outcomes?
  • Identify clearly the conditions moving you forward and those holding you back. (Hint: It is actually not the money.)
  • Do a closer analysis of existing programs’ revenue and mission impact – understanding where to focus now.
  • Develop a plan to expand opportunities and remove/transform constraints.

Module 2

Operational Sustainability
  • Getting the right people in the right seats.
  • Critical practices to reduce and prevent burn-out.
  • Go deep into methods that reduce conflict, increase clarity and improve communication.
  • Create the mindset and practices needed for effective delegation and structure a tailored plan to do it.
  • Improve strategic use of time: yours and the teams (clear work plans w/targets for the team)
  • Flexible and affordable resources to extend your capacity. (FT employees are not always the answer!)

Module 3

Develop a Board You Can Lean On
  • Evaluate current board members and identify engagement and skills gaps on the board.
  • Create a board development plan.
  • The Road to a Strategic Resource Raising Board
    • Navigating board terms and limits
    • Operating Subcommittees: Real goals/outcomes and
      meeting schedules
    • More effective board meetings: Introducing Strategic Conversations
  • Succession Plan (ED)
  • Strategic Financial Oversite (Hint: not micro-managing the budget)

Module 4

Financial Health and Well-Being
  • Financial statements and reports:  Understanding and making the most of them. What’s the story they tell?
  • Is your accountant/bookkeeper giving you what you need?
  • Key ratios to watch
  • Systems behind Cost Centered Accounting – Chart of Accounts for effective decision-making, accurate tracking and donor reporting
  • Critical Financial Controls and Systems – Best practices
  • Engaging the Board in it’s critical financial oversight role
  • The best way to use an Accountant

“Teri and her team challenged us to become a stronger leaders.  We manage more effectively, better concentrate, prioritize and work together!”

– Ashley Thomas, Bridge II Sports

“HIGOL helped me connect the vision to the nuts and bolts of how to achieve it.”

– Reid Wilson, Former Executive Director, CTNC

“Because of our work with HIGOL , the Board is inspired and better understands the organization.  The staff feels heard and recognized.  Each understands their role in accelerating conservation in the Triangle.”

– Sandy Swietzer, Triangle Land Conservancy

“Thank YOU for your excellent facilitation and guidance at this critical time in our growth trajectory.”

– Heather Vahdat, Executive Director, Male Contraceptive Initiative

Apply Now!

Apply now for The Executive Director’s Growth Accelerator Program and disembark from the train that leads to burnout.

The Investment for the Executive Director’s Growth Accelerator Pilot Program is $3,300.

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