The Golden Thread:

Nonprofit CEOs Share Surprising Success Strategy Enhancing Adaptation, Innovation and Revenue During the COVID Crisis

June 24th from 3:00 to 4:30 pm ET

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Who is it for?

CEOs, Executive Directors, Senior team and Board Members of organizations who want to:


Embed innovation and growth into their culture.


Understand the business case for improving racial equity.


Ensure their organization takes their own lessons from COVID into the post-pandemic future.

Innovation and adaption were important before COVID, but are now absolutely essential for organizations to survive in this new uncertain environment as the world begins to emerge from the pandemic.

Join us for a panel discussion with four CEOs who successfully re-invented the way their organizations did business these last 18 months, meeting community needs and attracting new funding and partnerships at an unprecedented scale.

Meet the Speakers

Scott Hoekman

President: Enterprise Housing Credit Investment LLC (EHCI)

Scott leads one of the oldest and most successful businesses under the Enterprise Community Partners umbrella.  Last year, in the middle of the pandemic, they invested a record breaking $1 billion in creating and maintaining affordable housing across the US.

Hear from Scott about the challenges of managing this kind of growth while simultaneously committing to broad social impact goals.

George Jones

CEO: Bread for the City (Bread)

George Jones sees every move Bread for the City makes through a racial equity lens.  Learn how his commitment to creating an anti-racist culture within Bread and across Washington, DC has shaped every fiber of their programming and led to some incredible ‘win-wins’ for Bread’s clients and the broader community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This included some highly innovative partnerships with the private sector.

Maurice Jones

Past CEO, Current Board Member: Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

Maurice led LISC through the pandemic.  He was willing to take risks and form new partnerships that led the organization to meteoric growth last year.  Learn how tackling racial inequities, especially in small business lending, drove substantial growth for the whole organization.  Maurice will share how learning to work with his board of directors in new ways was critical to getting these results.

Ron Pringle

CEO: Inter-Faith Food Shuttle (IFFS)

Ron was the newest of the CEOs we interviewed.  He started at the Food Shuttle in May 2020 just as the pandemic was solidifying its presence.  He found the business model of the Food Shuttle completely up-ended by the pandemic.

Learn how Ron led the Food Shuttle to lean into the needs of their constituent and find new ways of operating.  Ron will share how he and his team overcame fear and dealt with the real risk of failure.

Hear directly from each leader about their journey.   We will devote half our time to your questions that you will be able to ask them directly.  Walk away with:

Inspiration and tangible ideas for how to increase innovation and adaptation in your organization.  Learn how these leaders tackled fear and risk of failure.

Strategies for working most effectively with  board of directors in times of change and uncertainty. 

Reflections of how you may create a true driving force for change and growth  within your organization.

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to meet these leaders. 

June 24th from 3:00 to 4:30 pm ET by Zoom

There is no charge to participate in the Panel Discussion but you must register to attend. 

“Teri and her team challenged us to become a stronger leaders.  We manage more effectively, better concentrate, prioritize and work together!”

– Ashley Thomas, Bridge II Sports

“HIGOL helped me connect the vision to the nuts and bolts of how to achieve it.”

– Reid Wilson, Former Executive Director, CTNC

“Because of our work with HIGOL , the Board is inspired and better understands the organization.  The staff feels heard and recognized.  Each understands their role in accelerating conservation in the Triangle.”

– Sandy Swietzer, Triangle Land Conservancy

“Thank YOU for your excellent facilitation and guidance at this critical time in our growth trajectory.”

– Heather Vahdat, Executive Director, Male Contraceptive Initiative

Register Now

to meet these generous leaders.

June 24th from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm ET by Zoom

There is no charge to participate in the discussion, but you must register to attend.

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