Light A Fire Under Your Board:

Best practices for the next 30 days to Re-engage Your Board to Meet 2021 Financial & Program Goals

For Mission-Driven CEO’s with Annual Revenue over $5 million

Join Us for a Lively Online Executive Roundtable Discussion

Thursday May 6th, 2021

3 – 4:30 pm

You have huge goals for 2021. 

Did you have board members ‘check out’ last year, needing to focus on their own critical business issues? 

Are you ready to get them back on board, focused and energized around your key objectives? 

Maybe they never were fully engaged. 


If you would benefit from a fully engaged board on fire to support your organization’s objectives – join us!

Let’s tackle these questions:

 What are best practices for getting board members excited, engaged and on the same page around your most important priorities?

 How can board recruitment become your secret weapon to eliminate disengagement and the wrong people in the wrong seats?

 What are leading-edge strategies to make board meetings strategic, productive and even joyful – that is time really well spent?

Join us for this Roundtable designed just for you.

“I got tremendous value from the Roundtable discussion.  Over the next month I  implemented strategies we discussed and saw immediate  noticeable improvements.  Thank you!”

– Adrienne Cole, CEO, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

A deeper discussion includes:

  • Re-imagine the ideal CEO – Board Member relationship.

  • Discover why ‘playing it safe’ in board meetings does not support the organization meeting its mission and fundraising goals.

  • Consider new approaches to board meetings & one-on-one communication that release the fuller potential of each member.

  •  Explore how to add creativity, fun and depth to all of your interactions with board members.

Learn from other CEO’s experience.  We are truly in this together!

Register Now.  Seats are limited to 8 CEOs to enable a deep closed door discussion.



Spend precious time with your peers. 

Thursday May 6th 

3 – 4:30 pm. 

Limited to 8 CEOs

“Teri got me to focus on ambitious goals for the organization and a vision for what North Carolina can become. She helped me connect the vision to the specific nuts and bolts of how to achieve it – fundraising, management and staff structure, board development – so that the vision isn’t just a concept.  We are poised to have a banner year in revenue generation, land conservation and community engagement with environmental stewardship.”

– Reid Wilson, Former Executive Director Conservation Trust for North Carolina

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Essential Elements of Sustainable High Performance

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