Join us for

Getting Out of Your Own Way

A One Day Leadership Intensive for Nonprofit Executive Directors Ready to Grow Revenue and Impact

8th of April 2020

At High Point University


Is your organization needing the structures to be sustainable over time regardless of changes to funding sources and people?  

Are you ready to get beyond the feast or famine cycle of chasing grants, contracts and donations?  

Are you ready to lead from a more authentic place with more confidence and influence? 

 Do you desire  systems and practices to consistently grow revenue year after year?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, join us for a powerful one-day Intensive specifically designed for nonprofit Executive Directors.

“The best day of professional development I have experienced.”

– Kristin Hathorn, Executive Director, Playworks


  • Discover essential practices to boost and maintain your own well-being.
  • Connect your natural strengths to the immense value they can create for the organization.  
  • Assess exactly where you are across four critical areas.  Discover immediate next steps to increase impact and revenue in the short and long term.
  • Move toward’s manifesting the organization’s vision.

While you may have the passion and work very hard to grow your organization, do you have the right structures in place to be sustainable regardless of changes in funding and people? 

Imagine operating from such a place. 

Make your greatest contribution to your organization and its mission.  

During the Intensive we will work together in both large and small groups to:

  • Explore practical tools to keep you grounded, balanced, and aware of how you are spending your time to avoid the burnout zone.
  • Meaningfully connect and learn from peers. 
  • Map out your goals and desires for the remainder of the year and engineer their achievement upfront by developing a step by step plan for the next quarter.


  • Diagnose which areas of your organization need attention and what you can let go of with grace. 
  • Create a strategic action plan for the next quarter giving you confidence, focus and momentum. 
  • Get on-going expert coaching and support to help you overcome obstacles and lead with confidence as you implement your plan over the next three months.

The day includes lunch and a celebratory networking reception when the day is over.

We will support you in creating a 10x Return on your Investment (ROI) from your full participation in this Intensive. 

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Join us and engage the rest of the year with:

A clear renewed focus on your most important goals and how to  achieve them.

 A tested framework and specific strategies tailored to your needs leveraging growth, sustainability and organizational health.

A focused individualized plan mapped out for the next three months.

On-going support to implement new insights and goals.

Interested? Let’s schedule a brief chat to be sure this opportunity is the  best fit for you.

We look forward to helping you unleash the true potential of your organization. 

“It was absolutely great working with HIGOL.  Teri and her team  helped me connect the vision to the specific nuts and bolts of how to achieve it – fundraising, management and staff structure, board development – so that the vision isn’t just a concept. She challenged me to lead in a way that took me out of my comfort zone, and helped me grow. By the end of the year, many donors were substantially increasing their support. We are poised to have a banner year in revenue generation, land conservation and community engagement.”

– Reid Wilson, Former Executive Director Conservation Trust for North Carolina

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