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In this episode, Teri delves into the critical role of digital strategies in non-profit organizations. She sheds light on bridging generational technology gaps, effectively using digital tools for board engagement and donor cultivation, and the significance of aligning digital marketing with organizational goals. Tune in for insightful strategies to maximize your non-profit’s digital impact.
In this client-engaging episode, Teri Beckman, Founder and CEO of HIGOL, shares how she and her team guide nonprofit leaders increase revenue and community influence by employing effective means to overcome challenges in growing their organizations.
Are you a CEO that is often stuck at your desk wondering how to better engage your board? Or wondering why THEY won't engage with YOU? Today's episode of the Do Good Better Podcast is answering all your questions on how to improve your board engagement.
In this episode of the GroupFinity Podcast, Teri shares her 5 step framework to transform non profit organizations.

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