Strategic Pivots & Re-Aligned Priorities:

A Closed-Door Discussion for CEOs on How to Get Your Team On Board, Executing & Hitting New Goals Before Year End

For organizations with annual revenues over $5 million

Strategic Pivots and Re-Aligned Priorities

Limited to 8 participants.

Friday, November 13th

1:00 PM EST – 2:30 PM EST

Location: Zoom

2020 has been a year of change and uncertainty.  No doubt you have made strategic pivots.  That is, changed your operations, refined your focus, maybe your vision or mission have changed.

Given all this:

  • Is your team on the same page, pulling together and staying focused to get critical year end results? 

  • Are you prepared to finish 2020 in as strong a position as possible?

If your answer is less than a full ‘yes’, this Executive Round Table is for you and seven of your peers.

​We’ll tackle these questions:

What is a good structure for getting the board, funders and the team all fully supporting a new strategic pivot or direction?

 What can we learn from the tech industry about how to innovate, and have our teams seamlessly and successfully respond to immediate needs and market changes?

 How can you help team members overcome the stress associated with change and overcome resistance?

Join us for this closed door discussion designed just for you.

“I got tremendous value from the round table.  Over the next month I  implemented strategies we discussed and saw immediate  noticeable improvements.  Thank you!”

– Adrienne Cole, CEO, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

A deeper discussion includes:

  • Is your vision and the strategic pivots and changes required to get there clear?



  • What are best practices for communicating change across an organization?  What works and what does not?

  • Do you have the right people in the right seats for execution? If not, how do you execute change without distracting disruption?


  •  Explore how a ‘two week sprint’ structure can help keep your team focused and not afraid to take measured risks to get results faster.

Learn what works from other CEOs and board members.

Interested in joining the discussion?

Strategic Pivots and Re-Aligned Priorities

Friday, November 13th

1 PM EST to 2:30 PM EST

Location: Zoom

“Teri got me to focus on ambitious goals for the organization and a vision for what North Carolina can become. She helped me connect the vision to the specific nuts and bolts of how to achieve it – fundraising, management and staff structure, board development – so that the vision isn’t just a concept.  We are poised to have a banner year in revenue generation, land conservation and community engagement with environmental stewardship.”

– Reid Wilson, Former Executive Director Conservation Trust for North Carolina

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