Team Alignment

Your Company’s performance depends on people working together.

Too often companies are working in silos. The result is wasted energy, time, potential and lots of frustration. Take time to align your team. HIGOL can help.

Solving complex societal problems requires taking an adaptive approach that values open dialogue, transparency, courage and an orientation toward action.
We call this Strategic Action Planning.


Traditional strategic plans often are far-reaching and static.  They become outdated almost before they are finished.  No wonder it is often hard to implement them!

We take a different approach.

We focus on your vision for positive change and the desired results that will manifest this vision up front in the process.   Strategies are developed to acheive those results.  Because circumstances are changing, they are also flexible and may change quite a bit as you begin implementing in the real world.

The true end result is not a twenty or fifty page document (although we do document it in writing for you & create a snazzy marketing deck), but a process that gets the whole organization taking action and moving toward your positive vision for the future.

Once your direction is clear, we help you algin all your resources and help you carefully remove or transform conditions blocking your path.

Progress is fast – with many organizations increasing revenue and impact by 50% or more in twelve months.

Why do this?

Create a flexible plan where you and your team adjust strategies in time, as conditions change.  Do more of what works and less of what does not.  Have a plan to guide your actions, attract new partners and revenue, allocate your resources efficiently and create real measurable impact in your community. 

Key Take-Aways

  • Increase revenue and community impact.
  • Operate more efficiently as you act on new opportunities knowing your activities are aligned with your stated desired results and vision for the future.
  • Team members understand their role and how their actions contribute to the vision and desired results.
  • Relationships deepen with your team, board of directors and external partners, becoming more valuable and aligned with the organization’s mission.

Duration: 6 months

We use a two-pronged holistic approach to help you and your team soar to greater heights together. 

1) The cutting edge Kolbe(R) Index Assessments help leaders and their teams understand their natural instictual patterns when they are ‘taking action’.   

A lack of awareness around these patterns is a major contributing factor to poor performance, miscommunication and stress in the workplace.

2)  Re-focus your team on what is most important, developing a shared language around positive communication at work.  Practical exercises immediately improve communication and can be done daily.  This results in increased cooperation and smoother collaboration across mission-critical processes and projects.

Key Take-Aways

  • Each team member gains an understanding of their unique patterns when they are striving at work and how to leverage them for the best outcomes.
  • Team members gain a greater understanding of one another and how to best work together on a given project or task.
  • Team members practice active listening and deepen their capacity to focus on factors improving communication and increasing cooperation at work.

Duration: 4 hours to 3 months

Build the infrastructure to support a successful team.


People are your most important asset.  As organizations grow, thoughtful and proactive human resource practices and policies that align with your vision can help your team thrive during times of great change.

Nourish your team

We provide strategic assistance to organizations building out their human resource function.  We help you think through how to support a growing head count and everything that comes with that from understanding compliance requirements to implementing state-of-the-art talent attraction systems while keeping retention and performance high within your existing team.

Key Take-Aways

  • Ideal for quickly growing organizations.
  • We help you develop strategies to effectively hire the right people for the right positions.
  • Using the Kolbe IndexTM, we help you and your team better understand how to optimally work together and how to bring on new team members successfully.
  • We can help you develop systems and processes to ensure your internal talent pipeline continues to grow and is ready for the next level of leadership.

Duration: 1 to 12 months

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